Shingleroof Campmeeting 2009

This year's campmeeting was a tremendous success.  It can't be described without words like the best, exciting, spirit filled, etc.  Those words don't do justice to the experience of campmeeting.  We have had campmeetings with a few preachers and with many preachers, but this time it was only two preachers and they are brothers.  Two of the best that we have at Shingleroof, and they were both here for the whole week.  What a great blessing.  There was also a new song leader and Marvin jumped right in and got the job done.  Hopefully he can lead us again soon.  It's very hard not to call 2009 the best campmeeting ever.  The most important thing that happened is that lives were changed.  That's our mission, and mission accomplished.















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