Shingleroof Campmeeting

2018 Improvements to the Tabernacle


As we completed the 2017 encampment, we were well aware that there was a need to replace the pews in the tabernacle.  The trustees have been looking at the pews for several years now and made the decision to replace the pews.  Many ideas were considered and bids were submitted.  After several discussions, the pew replacement was ready to begin.  There has been a great deal of excitement, and many of the tenters were especially excited to be a part of this project.  The old pews were removed, and the new pews were ordered.  With all of the pews out of the tabernacle, some issues were discovered that concerned the trustees.  You will see in the photos the signs that through the years there has been some movement of the tabernacle. 






Construction is now under way to raise one corner of the tabernacle and, at the same time, to pull that corner and the entire tabernacle back into plumb.  In order to do this, some new footings had to be poured and new braces will soon be put into place.  As you see from the photos, there is a lot of work going on.  After the tabernacle is back in place, where it should be, we will be able to upgrade the power and start moving in the new pews.





Construction continues.  Many new supports are in, and damaged woods is removed.  New back wall is going up, and great progress is being made.  Looking forward to all of the updates being in place by Campmeeting.  








Getting Closer....





Work Day 2018








Bring in the new pews and the A/V booth.






Last week of Construction.  We are ready to go.

Look forward to seeing everyone at Shingleroof 2018


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