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The Shingleroof Web Site is dedicated to the preservation of the rich heritage of faith and worship made possible by those who came before us and prepared a way to praise and worship our Lord in fellowship.  

To God be the glory for the blessings we enjoy at Shingleroof.


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A diverse look at Shingleroof's past, present and future. This web site is a work in process, created with the intention of offering detailed insight into Campmeetings held at Shingleroof since the early 1830s.  An introduction of the familiar and unfamiliar, uncovering lost details of the past, as well as offering an opportunity to partake in the current events of today.

"Methodist Camp Meeting"

Engraving by
E. W. Clay
Published in New York, 1836
by H. R. Robinson

When places of worship were built during the last decades of the eighteenth century and the first years of the nineteenth, they tended to be "built plain and decent, but not more expensive than is absolutely unavoidable"--fitted out with benches, a pulpit, and communion table.  

Like Shingleroof Campground, those that survive from this period are shrines of United Methodism.


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