Shingleroof Campground

Established 1831

 P. O. Box 1928

McDonough, Georgia  30253


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Campmeeting 2022

  July 15th through July 21st

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Shingleroof Campground is an interdenominational Christian organization serving as a religious center for the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community at large.

Accordingly, worship, educational, recreational and other appropriate activities will be conducted to provide support to the religious community in evangelism and in the struggles against the attacks by Satan on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the sanctity of human life, marriage, raising children, and the family.


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Shingleroof Sermon Series.  View our video library here.


Shingleroof Dining Hall

Great news!!!!   The Dining Hall will be open again this year.  We are so excited to be able to open up the Dining Hall and encourage you to make plans to join us for a meal.  The menu for the week will be up soon, so keep checking this website.


The Ten Commandments Trail

Shingleroof Campground is away from the noise of the city, nestled in the woods north of McDonough, Georgia.  It is surrounded by woods which add to the quiet feel.  Our main nature trail circles the campground with a 1.5 miles hike that is well maintained and fairly easy to walk.  Along the way there is opportunity to follow a study of the Ten Commandments, and even a place to sit as you need for rest and/or meditation.  The trails are open to the public during the daylight hours, year round.  We ask that visitors refrain from walking during the worship hours of campmeeting, and please fill out and sign our release form before using the trails.  Click here for our form, fill out and sign, mail to Shingleroof Campground, PO Box 1928, McDonough, GA  30253.   Thank you and enjoy your visit at Shingleroof.


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Our History Section is filled with historic information from the Library of Congress, and has vintage photographs from past campmeetings. You will also find information on Henry County and the campmeeting experience. This is a great source of information, and quite detailed.  Click on the link below to go to the History Section.

We are constantly growing our History Section of this website. Everyone is invited to participate by contacting our History Curator via email by clicking on this link to submit their recollections, photographs etc., to be considered for use on this website.

Perhaps you can find some interesting stories like the ones Scott discovered recently:

From the "Henry County Weekly" 08/17/1880

 “A Camp-Meeting Story”

Our readers may remember the story of the “soaping” of the signal horn. The story runs that when a certain revivalist celebrity took up the horn to summon the worshipers to service, one day after dinner, he blew a strong blast of soft soap all over the astonished brethren. The brother was so wroth at this joke that he aired aloud, “Brethren, I have passed through many trials and tribulations, but nothing like this. I have served the ministry for thirty years and all that time never uttered a profane word, but I’ll be dinged if I can’t whip the man that soaped that horn”

Some two days after the horn soaping, a tall, swarthy, villainous looking desperado strolled on the grounds and leaned against a tree, listening to the eloquent exhortation which was made by the preacher. After a while he became interested, finally affected and taking a position on the anxious seat, commenced groaning in the very bitterness of his sorrow. The clergyman walked down and endeavored to console him. No, he was too wicked – there was no mercy for him.

“Why, what crime have you committed?” asked the preacher; “have you stolen?”

“Oh, worse than that!”

“What, have you committed perjury?”

“Worse than that – oh worse than that!”

“Murder, is it” gasped the horrified preacher.

“Worse that that!” groaned the smitten sinner.

The excited preacher commenced ‘peeling off’ his outer garments.

“Here Brother Cole!” shouted he, “hold my coat – I found the fellow that soaped the horn!”


Or this tidbit from the "Henry County Weekly " July 12th, 1892


The Shingleroof camp-meeting has been quite a pleasant one this year, both religiously and socially. A large crowd was there on Sunday, a number of visitors from a distance were present, the time seemed enjoyably spent by most, and many regretted saying goodbye to the dear old camp-ground. People do not seem to take as much interest as of yore [in the far distant past] out tenting on the old camp-ground. It’s a time honored custom of our fore fathers and in our humble opinion should be kept up. Many go for pleasure alone, but some good is almost always sure to result and we trust much ever will.


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