Shingleroof Campmeeting

Share Your Old Photos

If you have some old photos from Shingleroof Campmeeting that you would like to share, please email them by clicking here.  We will post them here and include any information about the photos that you have.


From Marianna in Tent #23

"Grandmama, her sisters, some cousins, and some friends were having a lunch meeting.  I've forgotten the name of their group.  Mama can tell you.

Notice the old hotel behind them.  I believe this one was taken in the 50's."



"You probably recognize most of us here.  Kathy Reeves (Hubert), Marianna Rowan (Brown) (me), Doug Tanner, Arch McGarity, Ben Hubert, and John Rowan.

We are standing in front of the Stroud/Hightower Tent.  The picture was made from out tent."



"This is Aunt Faye's Tent.  This is a very old picture that Mama has.  The Tent belonged to Aunt Faye's and Grandmama's family originally."



This is Robert, Darrell, and Steve when Darrell and I were a lot younger.  Notice that this was the back of out Tent before the renovation.

This is a SWINGER CAMERA (POLAROID) picture.  It isn't very clear, but some I have are much clearer."



"Elsie Rowan Reader and Carol Pless (1940)"



"Carol Pless Cox.

Wasn't she a cutie?"



"Mary Daniel, Hal Daniel, and Harold Daniel.

Nannie and another lady are in the background.  This was the Tent (originally)."


"This is Randy and Me"



Pictures of our Campground Turkey





Circa 1940's photos



Circa 1950's photos





Circa 1980's



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