Shingleroof Tentholders' Page

The annual Campmeeting at Shingleroof is provided to the community by the Tentholders.  Through the faithful giving of our tentholders we are able to reach out to our community and the world to provide a rest from the hurry of our world.  Shingleroof campmeeting provides a full week of traditional biblical preaching and the blessed assurance of the old hymns.  The tentholder also help around the campground in many other ways.  This page is set up for our tentholders to go online and find opportunities for service to Shingleroof. 


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If you can help Shingleroof Campmeeting present the Gospel message through campmeeting, print our Shingleroof Volunteer form, fill it out and mail it to:

Tim Wilson  |  2360 Weems Road  |  Locust Grove, GA  30248

Click Here to open the file for our volunteer form, or email us with all of the information requested on the form.

We would also like to have everyone's email address for sending out information.  Send your email address


Don't forget the Dining Hall

The Dining Hall will be open for business as usual.  Please make plans to support the Dining Hall


Hosting our Pastors

Each encampment our tentholders host our pastors for lunches and suppers in their tents.  This is such a wonderful time for our pastors to get to know as many people as they can during their stay with us.  Shingleroof is famous for our Southern Hospitality.  If you can serve a meal to our pastors, click here to open the schedule for the current year.  If there is a time that you would like and it is open on the schedule, email back and we will try our best to keep up to date and get you scheduled.



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