The Ten Commandments Trail

Shingleroof Campground

We are so excited to add our Ten Commandments Trail.  This is the first of our prayer trails as we extend the nature trail system throughout the Shingleroof Campground.  Thanks to the generous donations of many of our tenters, we were able to purchase benches and kiosks to place along the mile and a half nature trail that offer the ten commandments and a short Bible lesson from the late Dr. Charles Allen.  As walkers venture the trail system there are now benches and quite spots for prayer and reflection.  Please feel free to use our trail at any time.  The trails are open all year long.

We also want to thank Mr. Grant Palmer.  Grant organized a massive clean-up project to get the trail and the sites ready for the benches as kiosks.  This was Grant's Eagle Scout Project.  Congratulation Grant on your achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.  See the first stages of this Eagle Project by clicking here.








Okay!!!  Enough with the Heavy Lifting.

On the next workday, we call in the heavy equipment and finish the job.  We had a lot more helper too.  Thanks everybody....










It's all done.  Please take some time to hike our trail.  Spend some quiet time studying God's Word and get a little exercise at the same time.  The trail is open to the public everyday.







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